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  • Data in the cloudAccess your data anywhere you go
  • Multiple platformsSupporting over a 100 device types/models
  • Multiple usersEfficient collaboration amongst team members
  • Price offeringUnbeatable value for your money
  • No need to download the appGrab any device and start working Forbidden
  • Futuristic thinkingMeet unparalleled innovation @ Sumo Mobi

100% Transparency!
Everything you need to know about this Project Management software...
It is all right here on this site.

Introduction to Project Management @ Sumo Mobi

Online Project Management

A feature-rich online task/project management app keeping you organized, focused and more productive.

Serves a all the way .

Enables to manage their tasks from virtually anywhere.

(Desktop, Tablet and Smart Phone) so you can boost productivity and do more each day.

Is intuitive and easy to use, .  New team members can use the Project Management App within minutes.

Feature details can be viewed and you can also see Demos of this Project Management Software.

Refreshing Business Approach

Sumo Mobi makes every attempt to provide here all you need to know about Project Management @ Sumo Mobi.  We want to make your shopping experience effortless.  If things are a little too wordy for you on this site, just jump in and look at the Demos.

You will to get a price or a demo of the project management software.

Note also that we do not have a free edition of the App.  Sumo Mobi will not lure you in with a free product just for you to find out later, after spending a lot of your valuable time, that the free app is too limited to be useful.

At Sumo Mobi we tell it as it is.  We make every attempt to be as straight forward as we can.

Please see the About Us link for more about Sumo Mobi and .

Implementation Insights

Project Management @ Sumo Mobi was built with a mobile-first approach.  This is not a desktop App adapted to “function” on a smaller and more resource challenged mobile device.

This offering is a fully integrated HTML5 experience with exceptional performance.

You won’t see statements like “Android coming soon…”.  All meaningful devices are supported and are supported right now.

By clicking any of the Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ buttons below, you will get a promotion code you can use to get an extended app subscription period.  Thank you for your support.


Thank you for supporting Sumo Mobi.  With increased sales, we continue giving you products at give-away prices.

At times of signing up you will be given an opportunity to provide a promotional code.  By providing a valid promotional code, you will enjoy an extended subscription period.  Below is your promotional code.  Please don't lose it.

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Features @ Sumo Mobi

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Task priorities and responsibilities provide focus to everyone.  See what's assigned to other team members.

Capture notes and discussions alongside any task.

Organize the way you want to with priorities, due dates, time estimates, tags, and more.  Optionally track scope creep.

No need to explicitly share task data with team members.  Simply give members access to the project.

Search your tasks and save your favorite searches.

Obtain totals (for time remaining/spent and more) for the tasks.

The project management software automatically notifies relevant team members when another team member makes changes to tasks.

Customize task list views.  See the Customization section or Demos for more details.

Perform bulk updates.  Easily check a select number of tasks as completed, change priorities, change responsible party and more.

Export a Project's data to Excel/csv format.


While viewing a list of tasks for a project:

  • Resize the columns.
  • Reposition (Drag) columns around.
  • Remove the columns you have no interest in.
  • Add columns you would rather see.
  • Change the sort order of the task data.

Save the customized view and in fact save as many as you like and share them with your team mates.

Use these views across projects.

On top of being able to customize the views, apply any saved search to the data being viewed at the time.


Project Management @ Sumo Mobi includes SSL security crucial for your business.

It is your choice to use Sumo Mobi or an Open ID provider to authenticate you.  In case you opt to use Sumo Mobi as authentication provider, you get the following additional security benefits:

  • The moment you realize you lost your device or it got stolen, you can immediately cancel the login on that lost or stolen device and thus prevent the person with the device from further accessing the data.
  • To further limit the risk of others accessing your data via your device, the project management software implements inactivity timeouts of logged in sessions.
  • Your passwords cannot be read even if a person, Sumo Mobi employees included, has access to the authentication/membership repository.

Project specific Team members are the only ones that have access to a project's task data and are the only ones that can add other team members to the project (or remove members from a project).  There is thus the concept of Project teams and related permissions boundaries.

Being a browser based App, it excludes the risks that can be associated with native apps: Show details...


Because the data is in the cloud, you can access and use the Project Management App from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Also no need to sync data up between devices nor devices of different team members.

As the App can be used from a multitude of devices (over 100 device types/models supported), Project Management @ Sumo Mobi gives a new meaning to the term, mobile.  Mobile means anywhere you are with any meaningful device -- not just handheld devices.

Save your heavy typing for when you are at a device with a full keyboard.

Device left at home, dead battery or lost the device?  No problem.  Take any device in the large array of compatible devices and continue working.

Supported Platforms

Feel free to own devices from different vendors and operating systems -- combine a Windows PC, with an iPhone and a Galaxy (Android) tablet or whatever combination suites you best.

Upgrade later on to a different [supported] device without missing a beat.

Over 100 device types/models supported.

Some of the more popular supported platforms:

Supported Browsers

The supported device browsers include more than the list shown above.  Please follow this link if your device browser is not listed to see if your device browser is supported.

Sumo Mobi supported browsers on Windows XP (the operating system you are using) are the standard browsers like the Google Chrome browser.  Chrome is free and also significantly faster than Internet Explorer.

Q  Why do we only support standard browsers?

A  A very small percentage of our clientele uses non-standard Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.  Supporting these non-standard browsers require significant development effort.  That would increase our prices which would not be fair to those using standard browsers.

Ease of Use

Appropriately placed App Insight popups guide you through an App function the first time you use it.  The App shows these App Insight popups on subsequent visits of the same functionality.  That is until you decide to dismiss the particular App Insight permanently.  The Demos page shows App Insights in action.

Simple and strategically positioned icons provide clear visual clues as to what to expect when following a particular actionable item on a page.

Project Management @ Sumo Mobi's "Single Page Application" approach provides for quick responses but also means you will never wonder when an update was made permanent or when not.  You will never see a message telling you,

This project management software is optimized for both Touch as well as mouse enabled devices.  

When a user made changes to Task data that others should be made aware of, this Project Management software assumes the responsibility of .

There is no need for you to (explicitly) share Task data  Easily share each project's data with its dedicated audience.

Data Integrity

When you attempt to override the data another user just updated and you have not seen those updates yet, this Project Management software will inform you of the situation plus who made the conflicting changes and when.

Project Management @ Sumo Mobi goes as far to warn you too, at the right moment, when the data you are looking at on your device is stale and the App provides mechanisms for you to refresh the data you are viewing.


The Project Management @ Sumo Mobi support portal is a centralized location for you to access our Knowledge Base for a first step self help resource.

The support portal also provides ticket submission together with the ability to track ticket/request/inquiry progress.

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Demos/Tour @ Sumo Mobi

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For best viewing of the videos, please hold the device in landscape mode.

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Pricing @ Sumo Mobi

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One year of free software upgrades included in the subscription.

Our prices are based on the number of team members and not on the number of projects/workspaces.  Feel free to organize your work however it makes sense to you and do not make those financially driven decisions.

Unlimited number of projects.

Sumo Mobi has one year subscription periods to minimize transaction fees and not to lock you in.  If you need to cancel for any reason whatsoever, you will get a refund for the unused portion of the subscription.  All we ask is that you tell us why because we want to know if there is something we could have done to keep you as a customer.

Team Member Limit
Annual Subscription Fee
Cost per user per month







The above prices are exceptional value for your money.  In fact we have not been able to find a competitor that even comes close to the Dollar value Sumo Mobi has to offer.

Need more than 250 users?  Please contact Sumo Mobi's Sales Department.

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Free Trial @ Sumo Mobi

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Trial Summary

Same functionality as the paid version but limited to only three team members.

The trial period is 14 days.

Trials can be converted into full subscriptions before the trial period expires.

Information Collected

When signing up for a trial, you will not be asked for credit card information.

The profile information you will be asked for, is information needed by the project management app to provide you with the appropriate services like:

  • By knowing where your company operates from, project management app will know what time zone to use when displaying times to you.
  • By knowing the email addresses of the team members, the app can notify them, for instance, when another member assigned a task to them.

Start a free trial

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About Us @ Sumo Mobi

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Sumo stands for big and competitive where Mobi is the well-known abbreviation for Mobile -- we are a serious contender in the Productivity App Market with apps that also mobilize you.

Sumo Mobi is an Arizona LLC operating out of Tempe Arizona in the USA.

The greatest cause of value created and captured has been the development of software.  Our focus is on productivity apps helping people and companies become more productive.


Masaru Ibuka, co-founder of Sony said, "The key to success for everything in business, science and technology is never to follow the others."

A couple of our interesting Sumo Mobi innovations:

  • When you sign up, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that we have an alternative to the dreadful captcha controls (those squiggly challenge text fragments that websites use to see if you are in fact a person and not a machine).  Please take a look at the relevant innovation demo.
  • Nobody likes to type in passwords especially on devices with limited keyboards.  We will soon release our alternative to traditional password authentication.

We don't want to be like Sumo Mobi...  We are Sumo Mobi.

Business Approach

We trust that after going through the features and demos of the app, that you will be informed enough to know if you want to go ahead with the free trial version.  Note that nowhere did we ask you for personal information, like we too often see being done elsewhere.

After using the Project Management Software and for whatever reason you need to cancel, you can do that from a menu option in the App home page.  It is not hidden somewhere.  You will get refunded for the unused portion of your subscription.

Even when you sign up for the free trial, we will just ask you for enough information needed for the App to function and that excludes credit card information of course.

The free trial is there to rather confirm what you learned from reading about the project management app here and not to discover the app.

We welcome your feedback and even extend at times your subscription period when you provide valuable feedback.  Even if such feedback or criticism is done in social sites such as FaceBook and Google+.

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